Marie-France Bewley
MA (Hons), ITEC,
MIIR Registered


Marie-France Bewley" Welcome to complementary medicine and better health with Marie-France Bewley.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss how aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD], or Deep Oscillation Massage Therapy with Hivamat 200 can suit your individual treatment requirements."

Marie-France arrived in England in the 1960s to complete her research for her doctorate on English Workhouses, and after completion chose the path of complementary medicine.

Marie-France feels incredibly privileged to have been training for over thirty-five years with the pioneers of her chosen therapies:

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Qualifications & Experience

All the therapeutic seeds were planted in Marie-France when at fifteen she suffered from anorexia, and received the soul destroying French orthodox treatment in a Paris mental asylum.

Now that she has healed herself completely, and has learned so much in the process, she is very keen to help her patients help themselves through breathing, exercises, diet, her unique aromatherapeutic preparations and simple vertical reflexology on hands. The common factor of all the therapies is that they help the body heal itself, balance the mind, and heal the emotions at all stages of life.

Marie-France has been practising her diverse range of therapies for over thirty years. She is passionate about her work, and regularly attends advanced courses to enhance her knowledge and refine her skills. For example, the Dr.Vodder Clinic requires their qualified therapists to attend a four-day review every two years, but Marie-France considers it essential to invest in the 2 week intensive course instead under the supervision of Professor Hildegarde Wittlinger at the Vodder Clinic in Austria.

By combining different therapies, Marie-France can help to achieve results more quickly than with individual therapies alone.

Professional update - Marie-France who has just turned 70 is embarking on a 2 year course in Aromatology (Aromatic Medicine) with Shirley Price Academy of Aromatology.

Treatments and Fees

  • Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatments
  • £65 for the first Dr.Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment including the use of the Hivamat ® 200 machine,and a skin test with Marie-France's organic gel for cellulite and fluid retention.
    £60 for each subsequent treatment.
  • NEW
  • £65 for the first treatment for: cellulite; non-surgical facial regeneration; post cosmetic surgery. This includes the use of Dr. Berkowsky's Lymphatic Skin Brushing Technique, and the application of a specialised organic gel.
  • £60 for each subsequent treatment.

  • Aromatherapy Treatments
  • £65 for the first Aromatherapy treatment using the highest quality organic German essential oils.
  • £60 for each subsequent treatment.

  • Reflexology Treatments - combination of Original Ingham Reflexology, Advanced, and Vertical
  • £55 for the first treatment including mapping the feet reflexes. This includes a combination of Original Ingham Advanced, and Vertical Reflexology.
    £50 for each subsequent treatment.

  • NEW
  • £65 for the first treatment of Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Hivamat ® 200 machine, Aromatherapeutic massage and Reflexology for the legs of patients with cramps, heaviness, pain, swelling and tiredness.
    £60 for each subsequent treatment.

  • New taster sessions of 30 minutes for all treatments : £35. Ideal for gifts and vouchers are available on request.
  • Vouchers covering all the treatments and a well tested range of individually created aromatherapeutic preparations are available on request.

Length of Treatment

  • All treatments last one hour which includes a short relaxation time which is so important for the success of the treatment.
  • Good news for patients - from August 2016 and for the next three years there will be no increase in fees.


Abingdon Practice

160 Oxford Road
OX14 2AF

T. 01235 555932

Consultation Times

Day Consultation Times
10:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Treatment Notes

All treatments last for one hour. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Please telephone 01235 555932 for all appointments and enquiries.

All telephone messages will be answered on the same day, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Useful Downloads

download 2006 treatment leaflet Treatment Leaflet
download new paitent questionnaire New Patient Questionnaire

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Highly Recommended Local Therapists

Marrie-France has benefited enormously from the following therapists and recommends them to her patients:

Andrew Rowe, Abingdon Chiropractic Clinic
01235 554435

Suzy Willis, Old Lodge Physiotherapy Practice

01235 531269


Paul Neighbour, Chiropodist and Podiatrist

01235 530577

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